You probably think that I have a thing for the classic/retro look at this point, lol. Well, I do. That's why i did not hesitate to accept Jacqueline's idea about shooting at a laundromat. Our vision was something playful and simple. Retro style pin up is down for its catchy outfit and dramatic poses. 
Jacqueline has what it takes, an exotic look, great body physics and an energetic personality. She went an extra mile to find an old newspaper and a Coca-Cola bottle, when was the last time you saw a Coke bottle? 
After 3 hours of wresting in there, with a lot of stuff moved around for our shoot (the people there was very nice and supportive, they made it easier for us to get the shots) and a lot of different light placements, we got out results. 
Gear used: 
Sony a7RIII
Sony 85mm 1.4 GM
2 Godox strobes and one 38" Octabox
(Thanks Nathan for being my voice-activated light stand)
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