It started with an idea. I have always loved the image of a cellist being in their zone and just let their soul gotten carried away with the music. I envisioned the music so powerful that the water dances with every notes. So that idea transformed into action, I asked my best of friends if they are interested in doing something a little crazy to bring an idea to life...
So how did we do it? I begins with researching and watching numerous photos and videos from other artists, then hours of sketching out the vision in both my head and on papers so that I can convey it effectively to my team. 
Once that's done, we started to scout for location, finding a person who is crazy enough to lend us the cello, thanks Helena for being that brave person. Next step was finding the right model, this is definitely not an easy task, if not one of the hardest. I believe that, beside the photographer, the model has the biggest impact on the outcome. After a week of asking and searching, I decided to ask Danphuong to be that key player, believed that she would nail it, and she did. Thank you, DP!
After some scouting I decided to go with UTDallas since it has a very nice and shallow water fountain. Why evening? Because to me, night time provide a more relaxing and dreamy mood. Next steps are wardrobe shopping and finding a Make Up Artist. Thank you Danielle for extending your help. 
Once everything comes together, I contacted my friends Nhat, Kelvin, Vincent and Rabia to come out and help me execute. Thank you guys, for your times, for hours of driving, for not hesitating on risking your equipment because I am crazy enough to decide to come in the water with all those lights and gears, and for actually being in that cold water with me. 
For those who wonder about the gears I used, here they are: 
Sony A7Riii + 85mm 1.4 GM
1/50, F/1.4, ISO 1600
4 light sources, 1 main, 1 kicker, and 2 back-lit for the water. Check out the video. 

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