I got invited by TTMO (Texas Teen Model Official) Magazine to do a themed shoot for their Jan 2019 issue. The assignment was post apocalyptic setting and the message was "anti-hate".  The location they chose was an old barn (assumed abandoned) close to Denton. Boy the weather wasn't on our side, rainy + windy + low 40s temperature is the combination that many would have given up, but these teens and the whole crew powered through such harsh condition. The result was all worth it. Cold - cinematic - post apocalyptic vibe. 
Total damage: 3 of my shoes ( yes 3, not 2, not 4) got wet and all muddy. Half of my gears covered in dust and some even in mud from transporting equipment to the site (typical MQ shoot). 
Gear: Sony A7RIII
Sony 85mm 1.4 GM
Sony Zeiss 35mm 1.4
Xplor 600 + 32" Beauty Dish 
Evolv 200 + Barndoor
Big thank to TTMO for doing what you are doing and letting me be a part of this journey. 
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