This shoot started as a personal challenge, I came across Irene Rudnyk's video about her photoshoot with the cello. Her images are fantastic, dreamy and aesthetically pleasing to look at. But for my taste, I would like to see more color dynamic, more "punch". I decided to so a similar shoot but with different lighting approach - Irene used natural light only, I added artificial light to supplement and make the subject more "popped". 
I contacted Cristina Martinez to model for me since she is a talented actress, I was confident she could bring out the emotion/expression to fit this theme. Contacted my friend Henry Dinh and Rabia Fatima to help me on the shoots. 
I would say, the most challenging part of this shoot was how to stay still while shooting, we all got eaten alive by chiggers and mosquitoes. 
We picked the shooting time right when golden hour started, I set our model to out her back against the sun so that we could capture the golden "glow" on her hair (the perks of shooting at golden hour fews realized). With the used of OCF (off camera flash), I was able to produce more vibrant (more punch) images, just how I like it. 
Sony a6000 
Sony 50mm 1.8 OSS
Sony 18mm - 105mm f4 OSS
Xplor 600 + 48" Octabox

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