This shoot i did was a challenge from a photographer friend of mine. As everyone knows it's quite dark in the arcade, i mean DAAARRRKK. Yet there is an even bigger problem of shooting in an arcade that can be easily overlooked until you have shot in there before: Color Cast. What is color cast ? It's then color light from screens and other machines all shine on your face a the same time, creating distractions and nasty skin tones.  contacted Isabella and John, to see if they would like to model for this challenge, and they said YES. So after some scouting and asking around we ended up at Main Event in Plano on a weekday to do this set, avoided the crowd. 
Images were lit with a single LED light inside a small soft-box. Holding it was no other than Bella's mom, thanks Tonya. 
This particular shoot is the one that correct gears really make it possible, Yes the artist is the main creator of the result, but he cannot get the desired result without the appropriate gear. 
Gear used: 
Sony a7mkII
Sony 85mm 1.4 GM + Sony Zeiss 35mm 1.4 that let in tons of light
Rotolight Neo 2
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