This project is an interesting one, I was contacted by Isabella and Ava saying they would like to do a 1970s themed shoot, the first problem arose was find a location that looks 1970s in this modern city of Dallas. There were only a few options we could choose from, old laundromats, old retro bar in Deep Ellum, someone's old truck yard ... But we finally found a perfect spot, Good Records store in North of Downtown Dallas. Location - checked. 
The wardrobe and make-up were easy for me since they came in over-prepared, i only had to pick out what's best. When we arrived at the shoot, another minor issue came up, the store was too dim . So I came up the the owner/worker and asked if we could bring in some light to lighten the place up a bit for our shots, and she was so kind to let us. So the shoot went on. The place was absolutely cozy and beautiful and the girls's outfits blended right in. 
Finally, the last challenge for me was post production, 1970s photos color tone and clarity was very different since digital camera wasn't available then. So I had to use a little digital dark magic called Photoshop to cheat my color to match the 1970s feel. And the final results came out just as i wanted it. 

Gear used: 
Sony a7Riii 
Sony 85mm 1.4 GM
Sony Zeiss 35mm 1.4
Rotolight Neo 2 + square softbox
Off brand square LED for kicker in the group shot.

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